Our Approach

Secure and Compliant

Friendly performs deep learning analysis on encrypted text so that no one can see sensitive personal data. Not even us.

Unlocking Scans and Images

A lot of important information is locked in scanned documents. We transfer these images to text and mask all personally identifiable information before analysis. We work with printed, hand printed and cursive data!

Data Labelling

We label all your image data, creating a very well performing data set.

AI With a Purpose

Our algorithms are always localized to use your rules, guidelines, and most importantly language.


Healthcare Systems

We enable Healthcare Systems to find trends and opportunities in their unstructured data such as physician notes, discharge summaries and claims. Anything from prescription trend analysis to fraud detection is possible with Friendly neural nets.

Life and Health Insurance

Insurance companies use Friendly to automate underwriting for simple products and perform better auditing, thus identifying over- or under- billing issues. Friendly is also your top partner for transferring scanned claims into digital and analyzable format.


Perform better analysis on unstructured text to get insights in your customers’ wishes and complaints.



90% accuracy in data transformation


40% less non-critical documentation


50% drop in staffing costs


30% faster processing time